spellblade tower defense

LD 48 Theme Deeper and Deeper

I wanted to make a TD so mostly just went with that. I spent my time going deeper and deeper in to 2D UI, so I guess that counts?

Money: Allows you to buy towers.
Level: Player level, will allow you to upgrade and purchase more powerful towers.
Experience: Amount of experience needed to gain the next Level.
Affinity: When a condition is met for a spellgem type to augment it's power.

blade towers can be built by clicking on the purple circle icon (dark spellgem) in the bottom left. 

  • left click - place tower
  • right click - get rid of tower preview on cursor
  • esc - quit the game


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its broken :/

updated the game a bit after LD48 last weekend, still bugs to fix but its in a more playable state now